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Luka was a hyper puppy who I knew had potential to be great and more reformed. I was gonna go with another trainer until I spoke with Brandon. His professionalism and reassurance really sealed the deal. Even after my sessions were done he still checks up on Luka!

Justin H.


I had an amazing experience with Canine Society my dog was having issues with getting a bit over excited and snipping. I was nervous because Kora is afraid of men but she LOVED Brandon. I was so happy with his services I recommend him all the time!

Trudy P.


This is Bear, we got him at just 9 weeks and he is now 10 weeks old, I called Brandon to come to our home and work with Bear and myself before our new little addition is added to our family so he can protect, and provide a loving connection with our family. Brandon worked so well with him and Bear learned so much and is already doing so well! We feel with Brandon’s long time expertise in training Bear with do great. I’m happy to say Bear and myself have built a better connection on understanding each other after today’s training visit.

Salina B.


My husband and I adopted a quarantine puppy. Matzo Ball is a Jack Russell Terrier mix, and a fur ball of energy! It’s our first time having a puppy, as all of our other dogs have been full grown. So, we encountered some growing pains, such as nipping at our fingers, biting walls and chairs, potty accidents throughout the house, and we struggled taking him for walks because he wasn’t great on a leash. We asked our veterinarian for a recommendation for some basic training which led us to Brandon. 
Brandon has been coming to our home once a week, for 3 weeks and has been educating Matzo Ball as well as us! From the first 10 minutes that Matzo met Brandon, he’s been a changed dog. A calmness came over him, and he listened and respected what Brandon was asking him to do. Once Brandon taught us about puppy behaviors, and using commands and hand signals, Matzo ball has that same calmness, respect and obedience with us. IN 3 WEEKS. 3!!! Brandon has a “zen-like” way about him, and our dog has responded so well to that. We look forward to additional training sessions with Brandon, and would highly recommend him to anyone with a pup! It has been one of the best decisions that we’ve made for Matzo Ball and ourselves.

Elkes Family

Testimonials: Testimonials


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We worked with Brandon and he was the absolute best! I got a covid puppy and was looking for accommodations while we were out of town, I went with the board & train package, my puppy got so much out of it!

Jenna W.

My family friend recommended us to Canine Society, and I couldn't be happier. They really helped us get our dog max behaving, even took time to get my kids involved it was such a wonderful experience.

Riley J.

I worked with Brandon and he is the absolute best! I swear he's a dog whisperer, Ruby was a crazy 3 yr old but Brandon really helped calm her down and saved my furniture from chews galore! I have a crazy schedule and Brandon was very understanding and helped me work around it.

Payton H

Testimonials: Testimonials
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